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Microsoft Teams provides a secure platform for remote professionals to communicate. It provides access to video and audio conferencing functionality based on tiered subscription plans. The application allows organizations with multiple locations to use auto dial-in numbers based on the location of teams. Numbers are transferable to Teams for audio conferencing.

My team and I at ChaceTech have identified some issues that some companies faced and managed to resolve while using Microsoft Teams.

Connecting Video Conferencing Endpoints

As an increased number of companies turned to online meetings due to restrictions triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, they learned lessons on how to use MS Teams more effectively. Some organizations faced issues when trying to connect video conferencing endpoints for Cisco into Teams meeting.

Fortunately, they discovered that Microsoft provides a viable solution for this challenge – Cloud Video Interop (CVI). This solution simplifies the process by providing the information needed to dial-in the video cart. CVL information is available at the bottom of the meeting invite.

An additional issue is the lengthy dial-in string, which requires considerable effort to enter into the video unit. CVI providers can help resolve the problem using the one button to push (OBTP), which schedules meetings using Microsoft Exchange. The solution employs an API to deliver details of the meeting to video endpoints. Once the endpoints are complete, you will find the video quality impressive.

Organizing Teams

The presence of too many teams can lead to low visibility issues. If you establish multiple channels for various departments or processes, the teams may change, disappear, and members join or leave abruptly. Fortunately, you can resolve these problems by linking teams to business units or products, not people.

The source of the chaos is due to people collaborating on different projects. Teams linked to the people malfunction when an individual changes projects. Hence, the need for improved channel naming conventions.

Missing Information

The synchronous nature of the chat function in Microsoft Teams can hide some of the information. Users face this issue after spending time away from the platform, and messages accumulate. By the time a user checks messages, important information may be missing, and everything appears in bold or has circled numbers.

Companies faced with this problem quickly realized the difference between real-time chat and email. The chat function in Teams is ideal for real-time conversations or broadcasting notices. Email is asynchronous and the right solution for messages that require a focus on a single topic. Chat does not come with a subject line.

Variable Adoption

In some cases, various departments responded differently to the introduction of Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration. Some departments felt that the platform solved their communication challenges. Others expressed concern that the change brings more work to their tight schedules.

Organizations resolved this adoption issue by incorporating various projects that are useful to different departments. The projects solve specific problems for team members. A generic or one size fits all approach to use cases undermines adoption levels. The mere ability for everyone to interact in a channel is not compelling to everyone.

A Recap of Microsoft Teams Lessons Learned

When faced with challenges connecting endpoints for Cisco video conferencing, use the Cloud Video Interop (CVI). On the other hand, adopt proper channel naming conventions when dealing with too many channels and teams. Linking teams to individuals instead of business units, campaigns, and projects causes chaos as the individual switches from one project or channel to another.

The chat function in MS Teams cannot mimic the asynchronous nature of email for topics that require greater focus. Use chat for real-time conversations involving a wide variety of topics.

Enlisting the assistance of a managed IT service provider is another way to resolve challenges in Microsoft Teams. Vendors can assist in setting up and configure various features in the communication platform.

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